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Month 2. November 2010. The Matt McCallum Kidney Transplant Fund.

Click here to donate to the Matt McCallum Kidney Transplant Fund.

In November, Cheer for a Cause embraced our first cause that directly affected one of our own. 24-year old Matt McCallum's kidneys were damaged when he was just 7 years old. Now 24 and on dialysis for nearly 4 years, this ACE Allstars coach in Alabama was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Kelley Zeringue, wife of gym co-owner JR, met Matt in May at a team bonding event. On her way home that night, she told her husband that she "just knew she was a match!" She was so certain that over the week that followed she was tested and results showed she was a perfect 6 antigen match! How rare is this? An immediate family member of a kidney patient has only a 25% chance of being a 4 antigen match. And Kelley was miraculously Matt's perfect match!

Cheer for a Cause produced our second video "Will you answer the call?" to share Matt and Kelley's story and ask for donations to help with the $200,000 in expenses he faces. Matt works three jobs just to keep up.

The Spirit World rallied support! Thousands of athletes, coaches, parents and friends, along with Spirit Post Squared, Cheer 1FM, American Cheerleader Magazine, Rock the Bling, Cheer Moms, Confident Cheerleading Center and Dr. Pamela Enders, K.T.M.A.I., Fierce Board, Varsity All Star, Platinum Cheer Gear and many others shared our video and Matt and Kelley's story. To date, the video has been viewed over 4,150 times. And his fund has raised $9,300. While the Kidney Fund fully covers the expenses of donors, truth is, Matt and his young wife Brittany need a lot more help.

Matt and Kelley's story was shared by Fox, ABC, and CNN iReports, and appeared as front page news of The Daily Herald.

The transplant took place on November 11th in Nashville, and although Kelley's surgery took longer than anticipated, everything went well. Matt and Kelley were surrounded by family and friends and supported by the Praying for Matt McCallum & Kelley Zeringue page on facebook. Here you can find personal posts they and their families and friends made before the surgery, while at the hospital and now after they were home for Thanksgiving!

Our first "gift for giving" donor was Dr. Pamela Enders. She offered 20 digital versions of her Cheerleading Mental Game Training Program to help Matt's cause! Read all aobut it here. These normally sell for $47, and if you donate at least $27 (and show her the receipt) you get one free! She wrote on her blog about Matt and Kelley, and we appreciate her support! Click here to take advantage of this great deal and help Matt.

We all learned that every two hours, somebody in the U.S.A. dies waiting for a kidney. Matt is thankful for his miracle gift, and still his need goes on. Cheer for a Cause will continue to support him. A benefit concert with JUICE headlining was just announced to raise funds for Matt. It will take place on Saturday, January 8th, at Center Stage in Rainbow City, Alabama!

"Our lives change as we change the lives of others. We cheer for a cause!"


Click here to donate to the Matt McCallum Kidney Transplant Fund.