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Month 4. January 2011. Stories of Hope, Healing and Heart.

Let's cheer up Erika!

Missy Holt's (Erika's mom) February 4th update: "The last night she was in the hospital....she sat with the computer and saw everyones' postings......she woke up the next a.m. with a whole new mindset....she couldn't believe that so many people she didn't know had faith in she said...I'm getting outta here and taking my life back. Thanks to you all!"

Thank you to all our Cheer for a Cause friends who have made a difference in Erika's life!!!

Missy also shared, "I wanted to let you know that Erika (Arrow Girl) has been released from the hospital......she has a way to go but with all the prayers she is sure to have a speedy recovery. She is very determined to get better. Thank you all so much.... I just wanted to tell all my family, friends and facebook friends how much I appreciated all the support and prayers for our daughter. Erika is working on getting energy back and finally is able to eat and keep everything down. We still have a little recovery to complete but all should be back to normal within time. She will finally after a month be able to return to school Monday. :)"

Erika Holt has cheered since she was in first grade. It is part of her soul! She is a cheerleader in Ohio and has been really sick. Erika has mono-chronic. Her mom, Missy, says the doctor’s don't know how she got it… it just happened and she got sick right before Christmas. Her spleen is very enlarged. Erika has not been able to eat, which is extremely hard on her body because she’s already a very small girl. She is so fatigued she really can’t do anything.

Her doctors have medically removed her from all activities. This is sad and disappointing to her, because this was her senior year and last opportunity to cheer for Tecumseh High School. Erika is so ill, she doesn’t have enough energy to make it through the school day. She has been absent for the last two weeks. The doctors say that she can’t risk any physical sports or contact, because it could cause her spleen to rupture. Her parents take her temperature every couple of hours to watch closely for any signs of trouble.

Erika is hoping that she gets well soon enough to play on her select volleyball winter league, but it won’t be possible until her spleen returns to normal size. Doctors say it could be one month or more…

She’s just devastated not being able to complete her senior year cheering for her team or play volleyball – or just be like a normal teenager who would like to be out of bed and doing things.

Let’s cheer her up! You can send her well-wishes and virtual hugs by friending her facebook page or commenting on ours.

Let’s Cheer for a Cause and bring Erika a smile!

Life-saving liver transplant for Oklahoma high school cheerleader

On January 13, 2011, we heard about Breanna Fly, a cheerleader for Claremore High School in Oklahoma who received a liver transplant. Just the day before, she was in the hospital with liver failure. In what can be described as nothing short of a miracle, she was matched with a donor in 12 hours! We're cheering for you Breanna! Her coach, Jeff LeForce, who also coaches the Oklahoma Twisters All Stars, shared the story on his facebook page. Jeff asked for prayers for Breanna and the family of the donor, who through their own tragedy and sacrifice, gave Breanna life. 

Breanna inspires us! While still in ICU, she's thinking of others who are suffering...

While in the hospital, she shared on her facebook page, "As I lay here and progress I can't help but pray for the little old man across the hall. I have slowly been taken off my pain medicine and he just seems to be getting worse! Please keep him and his family in your thoughts." On January 17th, she was moved out of ICU and posted this on facebook, "Move out day! I finally get out of icu, no more room 2069. It was nice knowing ya! (:" On January 20th, she posted "- my name is Breanna Shareese Fly and my life was saved by the grace of god. ♥" And we are so happy to report that she's home from the hospital now!